Child Support: Change your Number

Are you self-motivated and setting goals that will improve your life? Or are you procrastinating and ignoring the problems that you created?

Did you know that you can check the status of your driver's license? Don't wait to get stopped and arrested to discover your license is suspended. If you have a driver's license, this applies to you!

For Georgia licenses, you can check online at or by phone at 404-657-9300.



Wake up! Change your Number.

"Have you ever wondered what separates those who succeed from those who fail?

Our Decisions.

For every decision you make, you must ask yourself, will this add to my life or subtract.

Your mind is like a number line. You can choose to go left or choose to go right. To add to your life or to subtract." 

The direction, is up to you...



Letting go. Let the leaves blow...

Letting go...

The sun rises and the sun sets. Leaves grow and leaves fall. 

Time moves forward and Life moves forward. Why shouldn't you?

Whatever you’re facing in life, whether it’s money problems, unaccomplished goals, a failing relationship, separation, or even the death of someone you love, always remember that even though the leaves may fall, the root doesn’t die. It merely prepares itself for something new to bloom again. So, don’t be afraid to lose your leaves.

Whatever you need to let go in your life, allow those leaves to blow. Because when your season returns, your leaves will grow again. Just believe...and always Add in Life!



Rush for a moment or prepare for a legacy?

Add in life tip: Will you rush for a moment or prepare for a legacy? While watching an episode of @Oprah ’s #SuperSoulSunday, she made a statement that stuck with me: “You have to prepare yourself for your appointed time." She didn’t say “wait” for your appointed time, but “prepare” for your appointed time. Preparation requires that you take action, and not just sit around wishing, dreaming, and waiting. Always remember, preparation is how you add in life. So when the opportunity presents itself, you’ll be ready!

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