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To provide a simple tool, the Number Line, to guide and empower people, particularly the youth, to make positive decisions that add value to their lives.

"Have you ever wondered what separates those who succeed from those who fail? Our Decisions. For every decision you make, you must ask yourself, will this add to my life or subtract. Your mind is like a number line. You can choose to go left or choose to go right.


No matter who you are, decisions affect everyone. Decisions separate success from failure, and decisions separate people who live a positive life from those who live a life where nothing seems to go right. The Number Line is the key that unlocks the door to success.

Add in Life, LLC provides books, workshops, life coaching services, and other products that guide and empower people to make positive decisions, while helping them discover where they are in life so they can determine how to get where they want to be.

George Dean founded Add in Life to provide a forum to teach people how to add value to their lives using the Number Line. Add in Life provides workshops and books to promote positive decision-making. One of George’s passions is to help others find their courage and to adopt an original, creative, and solution-oriented approach to life. Educating others by stimulating thought and helping them learn how to think is what inspires the author. George encourages people to always make decisions that Collect Points and Add in Life.

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