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Workshops and Life Coaching/Mentoring 

Add in Life provides workshops and life coaching/mentoring services to assist people in understanding how to use the Number Line to change their number and make decisions that add value to their lives. Workshops and life coaching is offered for the youth and adults. 

The Add in Life workshops and life coaching/mentoring develops and sharpens the following skills (not an exhaustive list):

> Decision-making, communication, and problem-solving skills.

>Understanding choices, consequences, the importance of thinking before reacting, and the structure of the legal system.

>Identifying a vision, setting goals and deadlines. 

>Career planning (e.g., planning for life during and after high school, preparing for college/trade school, resume building, interviewing, and dressing for success). 

>Using the Number Line Method to make decisions that add value in life.

>and more…

George Dean, Esq., a successful attorney and the author of "Change your Number, Change your Life," provides the life coaching/mentoring services that give clients a one-on-one experience tailored to the client's needs and is designed to empower clients to make daily decisions that change their number and add value in life. 

George's passion is to help others, especially the youth, find their courage and to adopt an original, creative, and solution-oriented approach to life. George is inspired by educating others by stimulating thought and helping them learn how to think, Collect Points and Add in Life.

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